I began working at the Anchor House of Artists as a gallery assistant in the spring of 2009, my final semester at Hampshire College, and regret that I only had a few months here. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in volunteering, interning, or gaining gallery experience. This small enterprise is a definite asset to the Northampton community and provides a great atmosphere and work space for artists in the area. Offering a relaxed and casual environment, the Anchor House has been an amazing place to work full of energetic people always excited about visual arts, music, and the world around them.

~Marisa Pushee
Hi, I’m Jeanette, studio assistant at Anchor House of Artists.  I’ve been working here since January and it’s been such a great experience.  The studio here is an excellent place where I’ve been able to meet numerous artists who do work in many different media.  I hope to continue doing more work here in the future to see it as it continues to grow and reach out to the community.  It is definitely an important part of the Northampton community in Western Massachusetts as an outlet for artistic expression.

~Jeanette Li


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